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Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas APFS, MSWW, TEP
Trust and Estate Practitioner
With 30 years of professional experience, Kevin has been the adviser of choice for numerous sporting organisations and high-profile television personalities. His expertise is further demonstrated in his full membership of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, a specialist and globally recognised qualification for those in the profession dealing with matters such as wills, trusts, tax and estate planning. He has held several senior positions throughout his career and is the owner and leader of K W Thomas & Co Ltd. His specialisms include Estate Planning and Trust Work, Wealth Creation and Preservation. When not working Kevin enjoys fly fishing and watching rugby.
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Kevin is a full member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

About The Company

We are a Company with one purpose, to help you keep as much of your hard-earned wealth within your own bloodline as it passes down the generations and reduce losses along the way.

There are many eventualities that can diminish a family’s wealth and reduce the inheritance of future generations. Below are just a few examples –

  • When a surviving spouse remarries and later divorces or makes the new spouse the beneficiary of the estate; children are disinherited and money passes outside the bloodline.
  • When the surviving spouse goes into residential care holding all the estate. Costs can be more than £1,000 per week.
  • When children divorce losing 50% of their inheritance.
  • Spendthrift beneficiaries.
  • When Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs take a bite out of the estate every time it passes on to the next generation (Inheritance Tax and Generational Inheritance Tax).

We will look at the likely route of the estate through the generations and mitigate as much risk and tax as possible, with the use of sophisticated Will and Trust solutions.

There is much to know about this area of planning, and we have the relevant qualifications and experience to put us in a prime position to assist. Our leader Kevin Thomas is a full member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and is also a Chartered Financial Planner.

We can also help with tax planning and the formation of Lasting Powers of Attorney.

We look forward to meeting with you soon.

Our Services

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Trust Planning

Using tax efficient strategies, we can help you ensure that the right people inherit your wealth.

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Tax Planning

The central element of a financial plan, we can help you mitigate the level of personal taxation by improving tax efficiency.

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Will Writing

Key to protecting family assets, consolidating your final wishes is the only way to ensure that they are adhered to.

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Lasting Power of Attorney

Appoint people of your choice to handle your affairs should you become unable to do so in the future.